Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aion is here

I am happy this weekend. Aion is out!! It's a new -- incredibly gorgeous -- MMORPG game. I pre-ordered so I've been able to get on and fiddle with character creation, and holy cow, the options are staggering. I have played a lot of RPG's in my time, but this one, the ability to create and mold your character is truly exceptional.

Aion is also mirrors the whole mythos of heaven and hell - very loosely, but hey when you've got divine flying beings with angel wings... Awesome! And with my love of biblical myth ala The Better Part of Darkness, it's a no brainer that I'd be drawn to this game. I've been waiting for this for over a year now. YAY!!


Lexie said...

My boyfriend showed me this game--he, like you, pre-ordered it (massive World of Warcraft he is)--and cajoled me into making a character. Or at least asking my opinion on her hair color...

The options were staggering--they had everything! Eye tilt, forehead size, cheekbones...I gotta say I was impressed.

Doesn't make me wanna make me play though XD MMORPG's and me dont' mix well. I don't play well with others apparently. I do want an artbook to the game tho!

Emma said...

The graphics are stunning. It's amazing the things they can do now a days. Have you seen the commercials for Wet? It looks pretty kick ass.

Brandy said...

Hehehe, I'm Aion's player atm..
I play with a sorceress (elyos side) :P

K. said...

Yep, Lexie! The character creation is so COOL! I think I'm addicted to it. :D

Emma - must check out this 'WET'... :-)

Brandy! You play, too! Awesome. I have an Elyos mage, and a Asmodean warrior.