Thursday, September 03, 2009

Feels like a Friday

It's been a very relaxing week here at Casa Kelly. I've been addressing my enormous To Do list, and have crossed off several pending things such as:

1) sending out ARCs

2) writing a new proposal

3) responding to emails

4) pimping some much anticipated books

5) working on interview questions

6) updating my website (and researching designers to create a snazzy new look).

7) judging a few entries in a writing contest

8) thinking up a series name for Charlie's books

9) getting a P.O. Box

10) working on a few guest posts

That's just off the top of my head. And why would I refer to all that as 'relaxing', you might wonder? Well, I'm a list person. I get great satisfaction by crossing things off. Makes me feel like I'm still accomplishing things and moving forward. And Book 2 has been turned in, so, by default, anything else I do is relaxing! That was one hard book to write! ;-)


SJDuvall said...

I love creating lists too! Looks like you got a lot done, great job!

K. said...

Thanks, SJ! And, yay, another list person! :D