Friday, September 11, 2009


I have some. Who knew? I'm suddenly like a baseball player before a game. My little quirks have changed since becoming published. Before selling, when I'd send out queries and partials, I had a very time consuming habit of reading over each query, each partial sent to each individual agent. Didn't matter if the document was identical. I had to read it over each time it was sent. Period.

These days, especially now that I have turned in Charlie Madigan's Book 2, the last book in my contract, and have completed my super secret YA, I'm in a holding pattern. Self-imposed holding pattern, but still. I've written a synopsis for Charlie's Book 3, and one for the second book in the YA series. But I can't seem to sit down and start writing either of these books. It would be unlucky, you see. I don't know if the YA will eventually sell, so starting the second book might be jumping the gun -- therefore unlucky. Same goes for Charlie's Book 3. I don't know yet if my publisher will want more books, so forging ahead, well, it could be a really good use of time or it might not be the best use of my time right now. Hmm.

When did I develop this crazy superstition? That it would be bad luck to start on further series books when I don't even know if they're wanted. Dunno. It's a time management thing, I think. But, it's also crazy because every aspiring writer out there faces writing a novel not knowing whether it will sell -- just hoping to hell that it does, me included. But what about additional books in series? I know a few authors who wrote additional series books before selling the first. And I know authors who wrote the first and then waited to see if it was something that would sell before continuing with that particular storyline.

I'm rambling, but I guess what I'm trying to work out is what to work on next. More in Charlie's world? More in my YA? Or something entirely new just to keep me writing until I know how the 'Books-in-Waiting' will fare?

All I know is that I need to keep writing. What about you guys? Any superstitions out there?


Unknown said...

Hmmmmmm?? Maybe start yet another series ;-) I have faith in you, Kelly -- you WILL sell it.

Keep Writing!


LeeAnn Flowers said...

I took the book that I shopped for 15 months and decided to completely rewrite it. I kept a handful of characters, including the main one, and ditched the plot.

I just want Leisha's story out there. I think she's a great character. I do have to admit, though, I'm avoiding doing a few of the things I did the first time, just in case.

I guess that could be considered superstitious.

K. said...

Thanks, Mike. I do have a GREAT idea for a new book, LOL. :D

Hi LeeAnn! Yep. That might qualify as a superstition. ;-) And good luck with Leisha's story!

Kelly Meding/Kelly Meade said...

I'm in a similar boat as you. The second Evy book has been turned in for a while, which completes my contract (until edits come in, of course). I've been fiddling with book three, and fiddling with a few other things, but I feel like I *have* to be writing something all the time. Project-free time makes me crazy. :)