Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perfect fall day

It truly is. Sun is shining. Leaves are a gorgeous collection of oranges, yellows, and reds. There's a nice breeze, so the leaves are falling from the trees to blanket the ground. . . I must get outside at some point today. Right now I am a spectator. Always on the inside, looking out it seems.

I gutted three pumpkins and four gourds yesterday. :D Today I shall carve. The gourds are going to be really cool b/c they're green and if you hold them round/heavy side up, they look like alien heads -- so we're doing a whole family of them... I shall post pics when done, but here are some awesome carvings I found in the Internets:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

RT Review

Realized I never posted this. Came as a surprise to me because I didn't even know I'd be among the books reviewed, so... yay!

From RT Magazine (Dec.):

"Talented Gay enters the urban fantasy world with a strong debut novel set in an Atlanta that has become a doorway between worlds. Charlie Madigan is acomplex heroine who is hardheaded and gutsy. Gay's world vision is dark andgritty, with plenty of mystery and treachery thrown in. This is an excellentstart to an electrifying new series! (4 star review)

Summary: Single mom and cop Charlie Madigan and her siren partner Hank huntdown off-world criminals running amok in the Underground. Atlanta has becomethe doorway to the alternate dimensions of Elysia and Charbydon, whoseresidents possess terrifying powers.

Following a recent brutal attack, Charlie literally died, and no one hasbeen able to give her a straight explanation as to what happened to bringher back, or what the strange changes now occurring within her mean. Ahorrible new drug called Ash has started infiltrating the streets, eventaking down the babysitter of Charlie's daughter, Emma. Charlie and Hank arehot on the trail of its source, but their hunt leads them to an even moreterrifying danger that threatens everything they know and love. (POCKET, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)"

Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh nos! Promo. More excerpt goodness.

Camera is not working. Bah. Which means no update on the Drama in Kellandia. And for those who know me well -- yes, I did check the battery. ;-)

Hey, did you guys know my Author Page at the Simon & website has my entire chapter 1 up (and not just the half chapter found on Amazon)?

I'm going to write a post about promo next week. Wow, you guys. The amount of work this involves is way more time-consuming than I thought. It's important work, though, and I do have lots of fun answering interview questions and guest blogging. I think that might be my favorite part of promo, actually. I've gotten to 'meet' a lot of wonderful readers and writers. But add all that to writing press releases, sending out material, connecting with the local media, scheduling signings and stock signings, and ordering/designing swag, placing ads, updating personal sites, etc... it ends up filling my entire day.

The timing, however, is working very nicely for me. I don't have any deadlines on other projects yet, so I'm not having to split my time right now. (And this won't always be the case, I know -- thank god for small, serendipitous miracles!). And, though I try to write everyday, I'm allowing myself this time, this month before release, to do whatever is needed to get the word out. This is my first book, ya know? So I don't want to have any regrets. :-)

More later...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drama in Kellandia

I think it's time for another installment of Drama in Kellandia. To recap the last time we visited this most holy of cities, a crime had been committed. See evidence below and stay tuned for some new developments to come in the next day or two.


This morning a heinous crime was discovered in Kellandia. Xena, Warrior Princess, and much beloved member of Kellandia was attacked with scissors while she slept. I give you Exhibit A & B:

Who has done such a vile deed? I give you the suspects:

Barbie & Wonder Woman. Barbie lives in nearby Kidtropolis and is still seeking vengeance after Xena sliced off Barbie's fingers (as evident in the police photo). Or she could just be pissed due to the bad hairdo . . . Wonder Woman, another beloved member of Kellandia believes Xena may have stolen W's lasso.

This investigator, however, believes a sordid love triangle might exist between the victim and suspects and this man:

Legolas. Chick magnet. Could it be a case of jealousy, perhaps? Or is Legolas humiliated and out for revenge due to the sudden black magic-market dot that appeared on the tip of his nose? Does he think Xena is the culprit?

For now, the case remains open . . .

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thirty Six & Secrets

Know what that number means? Hmm? Anyone? That's how many days, not counting today, left to the release of BPOD! *heart attack!*

I've been so busy. Book stuff. Personal stuff. It all seems to hit at once. I guess I should know that by now, but... anyway working on some REALLY COOL, REALLY SECRET stuff to promo the book release. And yes, it deserves to be capitalized & italicized-- it is that awesome.

And Haiku Winner and runner's up, don't forget to email me your info!!!

Now back to the secret stuff... well, the word 'secret'. I like this word. All my toast is secret. Yes, you see, I only make 'secret toast'. I only eat 'secret toast'. It tastes better that way. Just sayin'. Anyone know the movie reference I'm talking about? ;-)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Excerpt & Friday funny...

So, have a few things to share and the first is a bit of 'kid funny' for ya:

Son, who is not quite two years old, doesn't nap at daycare. Instead he sits on his cot and plays or talks to himself. His teacher uses naptime to eat her lunch. She was halfway thru her lunch, when she got up to go to the bathroom. When she returned . . . my son was sitting in her chair eating her lunch. :D Startled by her return, he put up his hand in a "Stop right there!' motion, and began babbling what had to be some kind of hurried explanation. He then proceeded to offer her some of her own food and drink. Hee, hee. Cracks me up.

And, guess what I found on the Internets last night? An excerpt of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. It's up at Amazon. Odd, because suddenly the idea of my writing being out in the universe, even though it has been in the form of ARCs and such, well, it makes me a little nervous. Weird writer thing, perhaps?

Anyway, happy Friday to you guys!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Linkage, etc...

Wanted to pop on and let you guys know about an awesome new book blog called Dark Faerie Tales. The design is gorgeous and the content is outstanding. Check it out!

Runners up and Haiku contest winner, Nicole, and Month of Monsters commenter, Melissa T, don't forget to send me your mailing info at kelly(at)kellygay(dot)net!

The fabulous Willow Raven from Red House Books reviewed THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. She's posted a great write up on the book if anyone wants to learn more on BPOD.

There are some pretty sweet pros to this job and one of them is getting ARCs. I was lucky enough to get Kelly Meding's ARC of THREE DAYS TO DEAD, featuring the formidable Evy Stone. I finished late last night around midnight. This is a great read, folks! Make sure to put Kelly on your Got To Have List!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Haiku ARC Winner is . . .

Sorry for the delay folks. I had a tough time picking just one winner. I loved them all! I finally narrowed it down to five and actually counted the ARCs I have left to see if I could offer more than one prize, but sadly the ones I have left are already promised to giveaway/guest blogs I have scheduled.

But, it was Nicole's clever little entry that got me. Think it was the whole play on the southern vamp theme, humor, and mixing that ole "blood from turnips" saying. Congratulations, Nicole!

Jess, Gryvon, Ashley & Sarah E. Stevens were my runner's up. If any of you enjoy coverflats, send me an email (along with Nicole) at and I'll mail you a signed one.

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Month of Monsters & chance to win...

Hey Guys! Happy Saturday to you all. The Haiku contest officially ended last night. I'm having a hard time deciding on a winner. The entries are fantastic. Thanks to everyone who entered!

** If you'd like another chance to win THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS, there is a giveaway going on now at Cynthia Eden's blog. No haiku this time. All you have to do is comment on my guest post and you're entered to win. **

And stayed tuned to the blog because I've got something in the works that's going to top all of my previous contests. Cool, cool stuff. More to come...

Friday, October 09, 2009

Goodies around the web

Today is the last day to enter the Haiku contest for your chance to win 4 urban fantasy novels! Contest ends at midnight. I'll chose a winner over the weekend and announce Sunday night or Monday morning... And thanks to all who entered, and a special thanks to those who put the word out about the contest -- you guys are AWESOME!

Did you guys know that the fabulous Cynthia Eden is holding a Month of Monsters event on her blog? Guest authors are blogging the entire month of October, and you know what? There are a TON of giveaways! So hie yourselves over and take a look. I will be posting tomorrow and giving away an ARC of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS.

The very wonderful Susan Adrian hosted the equally lovely Suzie Townsend on her blog yesterday. Suzie is a junior agent at FinePrint Literary. For anyone writing YA, go read her guest post on The 5 Most Common YA Subgenres. Good, insightful stuff.

Friday, October 02, 2009

It's contest time!

In honor of the Southern Indie Booksellers Okra Pick and because I'm way past the time when I intended to do another contest, I present to you a themed contest. Oh yeah. It's haiku time. Here are the rules:

1) One entry per person, overseas folks included.

2) Your imaginative (funny, serious, angry, whatever) haiku -- three lines only, which must have some relevance/semblance of a southern or paranormal nature. Or both. Some examples of haiku can be found here.

3) I'll chose one winner.

4) Contest ends Friday, October 9th at midnight.

Hard, you say? It'll be worth it. The winner will receive four urban fantasy novels, all set in the south as well as a coverflat of my debut novel. We have THE ACCIDENTAL DEMON SLAYER by Angie Fox, A RUSH OF WINGS by Adrian Phoenix, MARK OF THE DEMON by Diana Rowland & an ARC of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS by Moi.

Contest starts now!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

A few things

Don't forget to enter my contest by Midnight Oct 9th to win 3 amazing urban fantasy novels & an ARC of my debut!

In response to a few inquiries that have very nicely come my way: As of now, there's no book description of The Better Part of Darkness at a few online bookselling sites, but I promise you it's forthcoming! Sorry! I do realize it's frustrating to go to those sites and be unsure about pre-ordering because there's no clue as to what the book is actually about. I'm tickled pink that folks are interested and looking for the book! You guys ROCK! So until those product descriptions go online, a blurb on the book can be found at the books section of my website.

And, if you'd like to know more details on the book, I have two new reviews to report:

The Better Part of Darkness received a 'Recommended Read' over at Fallen Angels Reviews and was given a 'Top Pick" by Night Owl Romance Book Reviews! Thanks Hayley and Leslee!