Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Linkage, etc...

Wanted to pop on and let you guys know about an awesome new book blog called Dark Faerie Tales. The design is gorgeous and the content is outstanding. Check it out!

Runners up and Haiku contest winner, Nicole, and Month of Monsters commenter, Melissa T, don't forget to send me your mailing info at kelly(at)kellygay(dot)net!

The fabulous Willow Raven from Red House Books reviewed THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. She's posted a great write up on the book if anyone wants to learn more on BPOD.

There are some pretty sweet pros to this job and one of them is getting ARCs. I was lucky enough to get Kelly Meding's ARC of THREE DAYS TO DEAD, featuring the formidable Evy Stone. I finished late last night around midnight. This is a great read, folks! Make sure to put Kelly on your Got To Have List!


Emily said...

A little late but - THANK YOU :)
I'm glad you liked my write up - I really enjoyed the book and can't wait for the next one :)

K. said...

You're very welcome! :D

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