Monday, October 19, 2009

Thirty Six & Secrets

Know what that number means? Hmm? Anyone? That's how many days, not counting today, left to the release of BPOD! *heart attack!*

I've been so busy. Book stuff. Personal stuff. It all seems to hit at once. I guess I should know that by now, but... anyway working on some REALLY COOL, REALLY SECRET stuff to promo the book release. And yes, it deserves to be capitalized & italicized-- it is that awesome.

And Haiku Winner and runner's up, don't forget to email me your info!!!

Now back to the secret stuff... well, the word 'secret'. I like this word. All my toast is secret. Yes, you see, I only make 'secret toast'. I only eat 'secret toast'. It tastes better that way. Just sayin'. Anyone know the movie reference I'm talking about? ;-)

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Dee said...

So exciting! Can't wait to read it!