Friday, November 27, 2009

At Novel Thoughts

Just popping in... Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday break. I've been interviewed by the fabulous Fatin over at Novel Thoughts today. Stop by and comment to win a signed copy of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS.

I also gave a little intro to the book at FF&P on release day.


Melissa said...

Hi Kelly,

Thought I'd give you a Better Part of Darkness book report from the Borders at Germantown, MD!

I walked into the store and couldn't find it at first. Well, a very helpful employee appeared and we went searching. It's a bit of a mixed bag. The book was supposed to be on the bottom shelf of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy bookcase, but all the copies there had been sold out, judging by the empty space where your book should've been.

The good news is that they keep a couple of extra copies in case the ones on display get snapped up. So, in the end my expedition was successful and the book's going to be wrapped up as a Christmas present for my Urban Fantasy-lovin' Mom.

K. said...

Melissa! Thank you, thank you ((hugs)) for the awesome report, and for picking up a copy! Yay! :D