Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's Here: The 2K Kick-off & Chance to win $100!

The Same Name, Same Date, Same Genre – Two Awesome Debuts! Event! (Hereafter referred to as the 2K Event, for Twitter-friendly brevity sake.)

Join debut urban fantasy authors Kelly Meding and Kelly Gay for a month of giveaways, interviews, quizzes, and more as we celebrate the upcoming November 24th release of our debut novels: THREE DAYS TO DEAD (Kelly Meding) and THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS (Kelly Gay).

We have some great things in store for you! Please join us November 3rd for our Two Kelly’s Quiz at ENCHANTED BY BOOKS, and match the statements to the correct Kelly to win some amazing prizes! And join us again on November 12th for a double interview at our blogs where Evy Stone and Charlie Madigan interview each other! These gals have a lot to say, so don’t miss it (and the chance to win more freebies!).

But here’s the best part: Our GRAND PRIZE. Oh yeah. We’re talking a $100 Amazon gift card for one lucky winner.

The GRAND PRIZE giveaway starts now, November 1st and ends November 23rd at noon, Eastern Standard Time. You'll have multiple chances to enter the drawing for the $100 Amazon gift card.

Here’s how:

1) Just comment at any of our events mentioned above and you’re automatically entered. Please note: One comment at one event will gain you one entry. For example: Comment at all three events (the Quiz, the Evy Stone Interview & the Charlie Madigan Interview) and not only are you entered to win those prizes, but now you’re entered THREE times in the GRAND PRIZE giveaway. (And, no, multiple commenting at each event will not gain you extra entries). So that's three chances right there!

2) Folks who do not plan on automatically entering by commenting at our events, may enter by sending an ‘ENTER ME!’ email to Kelly Meding's email address: mail (at) One email only, and please use the subject line "ENTER ME!" or your entry may get lost in the Spam Folder (and we don't want that). Please note: If you choose to participate in option #1, you can still enter this way, too. And we do encourage you to choose option #1 and play along with us!

3) Additionally, we want to say a special thanks to those folks who pre-order our books. So, if anyone has pre-ordered at any time, up to November 23rd, please send proof of purchase (scanned or screencapped image of online pre-order confirmation, scanned or photographed in-store receipt [with all private info smudged out, of course]) to: mail (at) with the subject line "PRE-ORDER." Pre-order proof of one of our books gains you 5 entries. Pre-order proof of both books will gain you 10 entries in the GRAND PRIZE giveaway. (You are also free to enter via Rules #1 & #2). Please note: The GRAND PRIZE giveaway does not require purchase to enter. This rule is merely a way for us to give big, sloppy "Thank you!" kisses to those of you who have or will purchase our books. Both books do not have to have been pre-ordered at the same time; separate confirmation is fine.

Everyone with us so far?

Awesome!And guess what? Follow along and participate in our events and you might just win some additional entries in our grand prize!

Please help us spread the word by Tweeting and blogging the 2K Event, and feel free to use the above contest graphic.We'll see you Tuesday at ENCHANTED BY BOOKS!!!


Unknown said...

Hi Kelly :)
Thanks for the update post.
I'm looking forward to THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS.
Thanks again,

Enchanted by Books said...

Hey Kelly!
I love the banner. So gorgeous! Can't wait for Tuesday and thank you so much for mentioning it on your blog! :) The contest sounds awesome and I am sure tons of people will enter!

donnas said...

Congrats on the releases! Cant wait for Tuesday. Also posted about it here: Had to share the great graphic with more people.

K. said...

Thanks, RK! Glad you stopped by. :-)

Rachael - sure thing, and I'll make sure to mention the Quiz tomorrow!

Yay, thanks so much for sharing, Donna! That's a big help!

pjpuppymom said...

Congratulations on your upcoming debut books! I'll be sure to check out your blog stops.

K. said...

Thanks, PJ! :D

Caren Crane said...

Hi, Kelly G.! It's so exciting that your launch is so near and so funny that you and Kelly M. are sharing it. *g* I'm really lookig forward to The Better Part Of Darkness and I'm thrilled about your debut!

Elizabeth Amber said...


Congrats on your upcoming urban fantasy. The cover of The Better Part of Darkness is GORGEOUS! I love the moodiness. And I love your title.

Elizabeth Amber

K. said...

Caren and Elizabeth! Hi guys! Thanks for the nice words. :D

Anonymous said...

Just seeing the authors that have commented so far(some of my most favorite) leads me to believe that these are books that must be added to my TBR list. Can't Wait.