Friday, November 06, 2009

Surreal day

Yesterday was out of this world. Found an envelope containing some of my author copies of BPOD on my doorstep when I got home from the doctor's (have a nasty, achy cold and keep losing my voice). No one around. Just me. And my reaction was a pretty quiet one. No screaming or crying. Just sat at the kitchen table and stared at them for a long time. Obviously, not shocked or surprised because I know what the cover looks like, and I've had ARCs for months. So that part of it wasn't what had me staring... It was the realization that this is real. This is it. The book is done. And very shortly it'll make it's way out into the world. And into one of my favorite places on earth -- the almighty bookstore.

If I had to take a wild guess, I'd say seeing the book on the shelf in a store...that's when I'll probably get weak in the knees and have to sit down right there in the aisle and shed a few tears. :-)

Also had a wonderful conversation with my editor, which made me want to jump through the phone and give him a big ole hug. He gives me too much credit and downplays his contribution to this book. Without his belief, insight, direction, and input, this book would be nowhere near what is has become. So, you know, gotta give props to him, and to the entire team at Pocket and S&S -- they have been an amazing bunch of people to work with!

Okay, moving on from the sappiness to some contest deadline reminders for ya:

Hooked on Romance: chance to win a signed copy of BPOD ends today.
Enchanted by Books: Take the 2 Kellys quiz and see how well you know us! Ends 11/10.
Dark Faerie Tales: Comments to win BPOD close on 11/23.
2K Event: Up and running until 11/23. Make sure to enter!


Unknown said...

Hi Kelly :)
A dream realized!
When you see it on the bookshelf of the bookstore you've been to so many times, then I think it will blow you away.
Love & Best Wishes,

K. said...

Aww,((hugs)) thanks Rob! :)

Linda Robertson said...

Kelly, I can totally relate to this post! So happy for you, and best of luck.

K. said...

Hi Linda! Great to see you here... And I bet you know exactly how this feels since yours released last month, lol. The fact that you're still functioning tells me I might might it through this alive, LOL. :D