Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Crazy week

Hope you all had a nice holiday. Me, I went to Golden Corral for Thanksgiving, which was odd considering that every other holiday since I can remember, has been spent with family and a home cooked meal. But, it was tasty. I ate a lot. And there was no cooking or clean up. Of course that meant there were no leftovers. *sigh*

I'm so happy that THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS is out on the shelves! Enormous thanks to everyone for their well wishes and 'book sightings' reports! You all are awesome. :D Feel like I can breathe a bit easier, settle into my role as published author, and get back to work. Right now work consists of revisions on THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN, and just a few guest spots/interviews to do in December.

One of those spots will be up tomorrow at the awesome Sci-Fi Guy's blog. Love his site! (And that's why I'm not posting about what release day was like here, because Kelly Meding and I will be discussing it over there. It's a neat little peek into what our debut experience was like.

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