Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays

Today was supposed to be a travel day, but the winter storm that passed through NC. VA & WV has delayed our trip. :-( My parent's home in the mountains is currently without power, not to mention another three inches of snow fell on the interstate yesterday. It's supposed to warm up a bit and rain tomorrow, so we're hoping to leave then. And the power should (according to officials) be back on sometime later today. *fingers crossed*.

I have not finished Christmas shopping either! This has been the craziness month on record. First book debut, Thanksgiving, promoting, first book signing, holiday shopping, revisions on book 2, travel... Oy. Looking forward to spending some time with my family and working. Yep. This is a working holiday for me! Authors have said before that everything book-related seems to happen at once, and then there'll be long periods of quiet. This is definitely a time when everything is happening at once -- right smack in the middle of two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Crazy.

So, I'll be finishing up some last minute packing, maybe a trip to the store for some gifts, and some late night revisions... Then, we'll be on the road to spend Christmas in the wintery Appalachian wonderland!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! :D

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