Thursday, December 03, 2009

Running low

. . . on hours in the day, on energy . . . I really need to stay up an extra three or four hours a night to get everything done that needs doing. When I looked at the calendar for December last week, it looked fairly clear, and somehow, between then and now, it's nearly full. How did this happen? *sigh* And then there's Christmas shopping, decorating, traveling... You know what I want for the holidays? An extra month nestled right in the middle of December.

And I don't think that's going to happen, so moving on...

Thanks to all for visiting Sci-Fi Guy yesterday. Very cool reading the comments and answering the questions!

Once I'm done here, it's back to revisions. Aiming for a chapter per day. Accomplished that goal yesterday, but today's chapter is a bit more involved in terms of work needed, so I'm not sure how far I'll get. But it's moving along nicely. It's funny b/c when I think in broad terms of the fixes on this book, I get overwhelmed and worried, but when I get into it and go line by line, it's totally doable and I find myself feeling really good and positive. So that's my approach with this one, focusing line by line and tackling things as they come.

And I soooo need more coffee, so catch you all later . . . :-)


SJDuvall said...

I completely agree, especially with the Christmas things. Oy, it's almost three weeks away and I've done nothing about it. No shopping, no decorating, I can't even think about it until this weekend.

Maybe we can petition mother nature to give us a few more hours each day (maybe of daylight? That'd be nice).

Good luck on the editing. Very smart approach. I know I've gotten hung up on editing by thinking too much of all the big things that need to be done.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly :)
Thank you for the update post.
I hope you have an especially joyous holiday season.
Love to you & yours,

SciFiGuy said...

Kelly thanks for being such a terrific guest. One of the best guest posts ever. I'd love to have you back again sometime.

K. said...

Thanks, SJ. Ooh, extra daylight would be very nice. By the time I get done working, the sun has gone down -- feel like a vampure half the time, LOL.

Happy holidays to you and yours, too, Rob!

Thanks, Doug! It was great fun to guest on your site, & I'd love to do it again sometime. I think we had a pretty good turn-out, so yay! :D

Magaly Guerrero said...

A chapter per day, huh? How long are you chapters? I'm going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow to pick up your 'newborn' *grin*. I'm excited. I've been following, kind of in the down low, for a while and it is soooo encouraging to see your book on the shelves!