Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What's your favorite mythological creature?

Tell Susan Adrian and you're entered to win a signed copy of BPOD. But the window closes at noon tomorrow, so hurry on over and check out her fabulous blog and *cough* a little interview with moi. :D


Lilixtreme said...

Well thanks to a lucky win of my own I got my hands on a copy of BDOP not to long ago. That you signed lol. It was amazing, check out my review: http://lilibethramos.blogspot.com/2009/12/better-part-of-darkness-by-kelly-gay.html

Thanks for the sign, Kelly!

K. said...

OMG, LILI!! SQUEE!! I just read your review. Thanks so much for the awesome words. :D *happydancing*

Sushi said...

Awesome interview! I'm somewhat back to the online world from the real one, so I'm catching up on blogs. I need to get a hold of TBPoD. It sounds like it was written just for me.

So how's published life treating ya?

K. said...

Hey woman! Great to hear from you. :-) Glad to see you're back. Hope everything is going well. Published life is treating me good so far -- no complaints. A lot of work, but very much worth it.

((hugs)) Take care!

Christine said...

Great interview, Kelly! I loved reading about your new YA series! I loved that it's set in New Orleans (New 2!) even more.

Happy Holidays!