Friday, January 15, 2010

Have questions? Fire away...

Opening the blog up to your questions. Have questions about writing, publishing, being an author? Curious about The Better Part of Darkness or The Darkest Edge of Dawn, or Charlie Madigan's world and future, or my young adult books? Ask away? I'll answer most anything that doesn't involve spoilers or private business matters. I'll collect questions (just ask them in the comments section) until Monday and then, depending on the amount, will answer in subsequent posts.

Today, while I continue to await news on whether or not Darkest Edge revisions failed miserably and horribly *sigh* thus making my editor wonder why the hell he ever bought my books in the first place (yay for writer angst!), I'm working on revisions for the YA. I'll also jot down notes/ideas on the second YA as they come to me (that manuscript isn't due until December, but as I'm reading over Ari's story, I'll write down thoughts, etc. in prepartaion for when I start the rough draft).

And, good news: I've found a wonderful website designer, and should have an awesome new Kelly Gay website ready in about a month or so. Very excited! And since I really love the look of the current one (and think that the 'mood' fits my young adult stuff), I'm going to have him rework that theme into a separate Kelly Keaton website. Glad to finally get this underway, and even happier that I'm not doing it myself.


Tyhitia Green said...

How did you know that The Better Part of Darkness was the novel that would get you such an awesome agent? :-D The novel I'm currently writing feels like "the one" but I thought the one before this was "it" as well. What made you know?

And, I may be late to the party, but what happened whe you got "the call" or e-mail from Miriam?


Emily said...

I absolutely loved The Better Park of Darkness (I gave 3 copies as Christmas presents :)
I didn't know you were writing YA novels! 2011? Can't wait!!
I would love to know where you came up with the world you created for Charlie.


LeeAnn Flowers said...

I'm curious. I shopped my second novel around for about fifteen months and got nothing but rejections. The few people that read it liked it, but how could I go about getting a more professional opinion about it, since something's obviously not clicking?

Melissa said...

How many times did you rewrite BPOD?

Are you a plotter?

How long did BPOD take to write?

I really enjoyed BPOD. I've had to add Charlie to my must buy list. Now, I have 4 authors that are an automatic buy:)