Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend booksigning journal

Friday, Jan 22nd:

Urban fantasy author, Jenna Black, and I met up at our usual haunt around 3 P.M. I drove, which works out well since I prefer to drive and she doesn't. We made it to Gaffney, South Carolina around dinnertime and stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel (yum!) and then got a hotel for the night. Now, interesting thing about this drive... Agent Miriam called Jen (we have the same agent) and had some good news for her (and, no, I can't share), but it was enough to make me squee and clap. This wouldn't be worth mentioning except for the fact that I was driving in four lanes of traffic, going about 70 mph. What? :D I was excited. And, I even stayed in my lane. (There was no danger, trust me. Three seconds of no hands on the wheel, tops). Ha. Anyway, it was a cool moment to be there for Jen's good news.

Saturday, Jan. 23rd:

Did not sleep well. The room was hot during the night, and there was no noise at all. Usually, I'll turn on the fan, or run the bathroom fan, but, alas, the bathroom wasn't equipped with one and the other was virtually silent. Woke tired, and in desperate need for coffee. So I go downstairs to the lobby and make two coffees -- yes, both were for me ;), and I end up seeing two of my very best friends getting breakfast. Like, friends who live down the street and I just talked to a few days before. Totally weird, but so great to see my friends there.

So, Jen and I get ready, leave the hotel and drive to the first of our book signings in Greenville at a wonderful independent bookstore called, Fiction Addiction. The store is owned by Jill Hendrix, who was so kind and welcoming. She had two tables set up by the front door with our books. We arrived an hour and a half early (since we had to check out of our hotel at 11 A.M.), so we said hello, bought some books (because, really, who can go into a bookstore without buying something, right?) and then we went to lunch at Carrabas. Then, it was back to the store to sign books! I was thrilled to meet some folks who had already read THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS! That was a first, and was totally cool. Big thanks to you ladies for coming out! :D And to Jill for hosting us. I learned a lot just listening to her -- she's a smart lady. And she nominated BPOD for the Okra Pick, and she loves genre books like urban fantasy and paranormal romance, so she is cool as well. ;-)

Once the signing was over, Jill gave us directions to the Barnes & Noble in Spartanburg, and after we drove back up the Interstate and located the store, we checked into a hotel nearby, ate a quick dinner at O' Charley's, and then went back to the B&N for our second signing, which was held from 7-9 P.M. Met some lovely people, handed out bookmarks, signed a couple books, and the folks at the store were great. But by the time 8 o' clock rolled around, though, I was exhausted.

Got back to the hotel a little after nine. Checked email after the slowest connection in history, and then went to bed.

Sunday, Jan 24th:

Developed severe migraine in the wee hours and woke feeling like the blood vessels in my head had been pumped full of hot air until they were near bursting. Not fun. After taking migraine meds, went downstairs for breakfast, learned there were flood watches and tornado watches in the area, and headed in the same direction that we were about to drive. Yay.

Drove home in the rain. But, luckily, the weather wasn't that severe. We pretty much drove straight through. I dropped Jen off at our meeting place, and then went home. *sigh* Home.

So there you have it, the shortened version anyway. I'm really glad to be home. Today, I'm following up on some emails, working on the Young Adult revisions, and talking to my wesbite designer who just showed me some awesome concepts for my new website -- holy cow. *Love!*


Tyhitia Green said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. :-D Cool.

Will there be pictures?

Jax Cassidy said...

Sounds like awesome new for Jenna. Glad you two go to do the signings even though you weren't feeling your best. I'm sure there will be plenty of booksignings in your future!

K. said...

Hey Demon Hunter. No, no pics. Totally forgot to take them. Will have to remember fo rnext time. :-)

Jax! Thanks, girl. :-)