Friday, February 05, 2010

Random writerly update

So here's where I stand in this second month of the new year:

* THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN (DEOD) revisions were turned into my editor in January. (A few small notes/changes are making their way to me as I write this, so I expect to do those this weekend.)

* Finished initial revisions on the YA, DARKNESS BECOMES HER, and turned those in. (They'll be going through a line edit and then they'll come back to me).

* Tweaked cover copy for DEOD. (For those who don't know, copy cover is the text you find on the front and back cover of a book. (blurbs, taglines, quotes). This can also include the inside of the covers as well, like the author bio.)

* After my awesome web designer, Atomic Cherry, did a few renderings of potential 'looks', I finally selected one (which I love), and building has commenced. Cannot wait to reveal!

This leaves me (until DEOD arrives) with nothing in the que. (Well, the second YA needs to be written, but that's not due until December). And there's nothing in the que with the Charlie books as of now. I'm not fond of times like these. Deadlines help me to focus. I know what to work on and when to work on it. With nothing looming, I waste time. I admit it. I do.

Right now, I'm writing up notes for the 2nd young adult, and the next Charlie book. But I have time to think ahead a little, and work on some additional projects for the future. I'm waffling between an adult stand-alone novel that I'd like to finish (150 pages already done), and my super cool kid's Turn of the Century, alternate, NYC story, of which I have the first four chapters done.

But, Kelly, don't you have enough books in the cue now? you might ask. Yes. Now. Sure I could sit back and enjoy. But authors have to think ahead. It generally takes anywhere from 1-2 years for our books to come out, and that does not include the time it takes to write and make the sale. If I want to have books coming out steadily every year, the last thing I'd want is to complete a contract, have the last book come out, and then write something new. There'll be a huge gap, see? Between the last book and the next (because it will take time to write, sell and then publish). Could be an entire year or two. So, when I have time like this, I like to think ahead. I like to explore new projects, ideas, and stay fresh.

Er, that's provided I can stay focused. These self-imposed deadlines of mine are so weak sometimes. And I betcha as soon as I publish this post, DEOD will arrive. *fingers crossed* Then, at least the next few days will be a no brainer. :D


Artemis Grey said...

I SO love this post! Not only does it make me get all excited, hearing all the projects you've got rolling, but it validates my own juggling of writing things. People are always asking me why I don't stop writing and focus on the YA I'm shopping to agents. I tell them 'What if 'Evernow' just keeps getting passes, even if they're personalized and supportive?' A pass is a pass, and eventually I'll have to shelve this YA and then I'll have to have another ready to throw out there.

And even once I DO get an agent, I'll just have more to do, and (hopefully) I'll be expected to have other books ready, or in the works. Thanks Kelly! Your post proves that I'm not crazy to keep finishing and starting other projects.

Tyhitia Green said...

Continuous writing is always a good thing. :-D Thanks for sharing, Kelly.

Have you looked up Con Carolinas yet? ;-)


Mardel said...

I can't wait for DEOD to come out. I'm looking forward to it.

I've always found it interesting, how many ideas, beginnings, and works in progress writers have kicking about in their heads. That's what makes a writer, all those ideas.

Happy writing!

Unknown said...

Hmmm... glad to know I'm not in a club all by myself (although it wouldn't be the first time if I were). I always have multiple projects going, albeit for different reasons (I do not have a hungry fanbase clamoring for the words dripping off of my I do get the publishing process, though, and your flitting about makes perfect sense to me.

Self-imposed deadlines? Ha! I'm horrible at meeting them but still somehow manage (well, most of the time) to finish my projects. You do fine, Kelly. Always good to have a couple of rounds in the chamber in case you have a good day at the range.

Brenda Hyde said...

When I was in college I would wait until the last minute to do writing projects, and completely freak out, but then I'd get an A. Lessons were NOT learned. BAHAHAHAHA I do much better now since that was ahem, quite awhile ago, but I still feel like deadlines get me going. I do always have a lot of projects going too. By the way, I can't wait for my next Charlie fix:)

K. said...

Glad you all like the post, and understand the whole 'multiple projects' thing. Thinking ahead and being excited with future projects helps motivate me to finish the current things on my plate and work through the tough stuff.