Thursday, March 18, 2010

Regrets of the nerf sword purchase

I have been bad.

Mind out of the gutter, people. I don't mean that kind of bad. :-) Bad, neglectful Blogger. *sigh*

Finally getting over this sinus/allergy cold along with the rest of the family. Then Kid 1 (9 yrs) decides to take on Kid 2 (2 yrs) in a nerf sword fight. Kid 2 goes in swinging wildly (because, yanno, the sword is twice as long as he is). Kid 1 makes a flying leap onto the couch where she taunts Kid 2. Kid 2 advances and swings at Kid 1's ankles. Kid 1 jumps into the air to clear the swing - brilliant move -- but goes sailing off the couch and onto the floor where she sprains her foot and much screaming ensues.

Welcome to my week. + two migraines, Afrin withdrawl, doctor visits, Kid 1 BORED b/c it's track-out . . .

Did I mention that YA line edits are due Friday and Adult copy edits are due next Friday? Heh.

To sum up: Kelly's brain cannot come up with any posts of interest. So, I ask you, Dear Readers, what you'd like to read about on the blog, anything you'd like to know more about, see, discuss, etc., etc.. If so, please give me a shout... And if not, well, that's okay too. Though, it might be scarce around here and elsewhere online, but eventually (hopefully) my mind will start cranking out stuff like usual.

And now it's back to work!


Melissa said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. I've been fighting a cold/sinus infection. I finally broke down and used the Neti Pot that my husband brought me.

I'm a nurse but, I wimp out on stuff that looks weird. I saw it on that show "The Doctors."

Long story - short, it worked. Not completely healed but, a lot better than I was:)

Melissa said...

Sorry for the repost. But, I really enjoyed your blog about characters. Stuff like that is great for people like me trying to figure it out. Thanks for asking.

K. said...

Thanks, Melissa. Glad to hear you're feeling better. Will think of some future character/writing posts...

Off to look up this mysterious Neti Pot of which thou speak. :-)

Unknown said...

NetiPot is made by NeilMed, which also makes a sinus rinse bottle (which is what I use). A little gross, but it so works! Sorry about the migraines... I know of what you speak.

I'm interested in your process... do you write an outline, or do you just write and then make an outline from that? Do you have an idea of what characters you want and then go out to meet them, or do they walk into the manuscript and introduce themselves (or both)?

Don't want to inundate you so I'll leave it at that.

Hope the little one's ankle is feeling better and that you are too!

Brenda Hyde said...

I don't mind hearing about your kid woes, since I have kids too. Actually it makes me feel hopeful that if you can write books with all the craziness than it's possible I could too. My 15 year old has bronchitis and has been home most of the week, we had his doctor's appt. then I had my physical and my daughter had a follow up visit. All on different days of course. I swear, I am not going ANYWHERE tomorrow. They will have to drag me out of the house kicking and screaming.

I hope things are quiet, very quiet for you this weekend. Tell the monkeys no more jumping on the bed (or couch). *snicker*.

K. said...

Ah. Thanks for the info, Corrie. :-) (And for the post ideas and get well wishes.) Hoping the ankle is better by the next soccer game -- already missing this week's. Lord, save me from the Bored Angst of this child...

Moonsanity -- hope your Friday is quiet!! :-) And I hear ya about appts. Ours always fall like dominoes on different days. Really destroys the entire work week sometimes... Hope your guys gets to feeling better. Bronchitis is no fun. :-/

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Well, hope everyone is feeling better. Sorry to hear about the kids. I have to say I only have one (10 yrs old) but I am one of two and we use to do things like that all the time. Hope Kid 1's foot feels better soon.

Hope next week is better for you! :)

K. said...

Thanks, Melissa. :-) So far the week is starting of pretty good. *fingers corssed*. Hope you have a nice week, too!

Vickie said...

I love these kinds of posts since it's normal biz. Same kind of deal here, without the writing deadlines. It's Spring Break and trying to come up with schtuff for Lady K (7 yrs) and me to do after getting 11.5 inches of snow Tuesday night into Wed. Roller skating today and I promised I'd try it out after eons since being on the dang things. I'll likely be a wall hugger for a while.

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