Wednesday, June 02, 2010

90 Days

And counting. How do I know this? I just downloaded a countdown widget for my Droid. Heh. 3 months! So here's how things are looking in the writing world as of now:
  • Starting to organize promo stuff. (ARC list for reviewers, etc..)
  • Completing a couple interview questions for later this month and next.
  • Working on Charlie #3
  • Getting nervous about Sci-Fi/Fantasy Panel at B&N in two weeks.

So all in all pretty quiet right now. Been thinking a lot about this second Charlie book, and how people are going to react to it. The feeling with this one releasing is a bit different than the first. BPOD was basically "Here is my book. Dear God, I hope people don't use it as kindling" kind of thing. People would like it or they wouldn't. But when I wrote this second one, I had an all-consuming desire to give everyone what I thought they might want in the second book.

I learned that's just crazy thinking. The only way I can write a great second book is to write what I want to write, what speaks to me, and makes me passionate. Hopefully that'll translate onto the page. If I write to please someone else, it all falls apart. Can't please everyone. Doesn't work that way. Might as well bang my laptop against my head.

So, wondering what you'll get with the second? A book that pleased me. A book that (after I got over the second book hump) I fell totally in love with and wrote from my heart. A book that I hope you will love too. In DEOD we'll see:

  • More Hank. (We all need a little more Hank in our lives, right?)
  • The intro of a character known as the Druid King.
  • A journey into the early myths of Elysia and Charbydon
  • And interesting turn of events with Rex (because, as we all know, with Rex we can expect the unexpected).



Tammi P said...

I just finished your book and I rushed to your website to see when the next book will be released. I love the characters and the original story line. Keep up with what you are doing, it's definitely working.

Shelly said...

Woot! I can't wait to read book #2!

Melissa said...

I absolutely loved the first book. I fell in love with the characters and can't wait to see what happens next. You're on the automatic buy ist:) That's saying something because I had promised myself not to add any more authors to that list. But...I saw you were a NC native and this was your first book so, I decided to give in. It didn't hurt that you had a kick-ass cover that drew my attention.
Looking forward to book 2 and 3:)

Brenda Hyde said...

I wouldn't expect anything other than you writing what YOU want to write. It just wouldn't be you then would it? LOL

K. said...

Tammy! Thanks so much for reading the book and stopping by. So happy you enjoyed it! :)

And thanks Shelly, Melissa, and Moonsanity! You gals are awesome. :D

SandyG265 said...

I'm looking foward to the second book. I'm sure it'll be as good as the first one was.