Friday, June 25, 2010

The Best & The Worst

You. All. Are. The. Best. :-)

I read two amazing emails this morning from readers of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS. They have gone into the file with others who have written to me. (Because I could never delete them). I love hearing from readers, and I'm regularly stunned and humbled by the fact that you guys have given this book your time/effort, taken a chance on a new author.

Thanks to you all. (God, that sounds sooooo inadequate!)

One of the emails asked if there was any way to help get the word out, and really I couldn't ask for more than just giving BPOD a try. That in itself is such a mind-blowing thing to me. But, for those who want to spread the word and are not sure what is helpful or not... Just recommending it to a friend is huge. Or if you're an Internet person, giving it a shout online, or rate it at Goodreads or Amazon, etc. All those things help, too.

And yes, I'm even grateful to those who were unsure of the book or didn't end up liking it, because they gave it a try. And really, again, that's all an author can hope for.

Of course, the ones who make blanket statements, rip you a new one, get all the facts wrong, or just think nasty and sarcastic somehow comes off as witty and cool -- eh, not so sure I get the point to those kinds of responses. But, even those (after I calm down and remember how to breathe) I remind myself that it's still someone who gave it a try.

The ones I will never understand are those who put their copy on filesharing sites for thousands of strangers to download for free. Not so great for a first time author who could use real, actual sales numbers to help her publisher decide to publish more books. If you love books so much, why do something that has the potential to put an author out of business and offer her product for free to thousands of people you don't even know when you have no right to do so and it's illegal? There are no "sales" being reported when someone illegally downloads my book. All my publisher see is that "we made x-amount of copies available and x-amount was purchased." Publishers take into account the numbers. It affects their decision to keep publishing me. How would you feel if I cut into your ability to make money at your job? That I affected your performance numbers with your boss? That I went and stole something you produced and then made illegal copies of it for others? *sigh* If you don't want to or can't pay for it, please go to the library instead of requesting an illegal copy. Because then what happens is not that the poster simply sends you the file privately. It's put up for THOUSANDS of others as well. HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. I cannot begin to explain how heartbreaking this is. I don't make money on concert tickets, merchandise, appearances. I make money on the book. That's it. Think about it. (Jeaniene Frost wrote an excellent post here about e-piracy at Deadline Dames.)

Anyway, that is another post for another time... But, guys. Readers. People who truly love books, and want to see authors continue to write and continue to get contracts, and who give your time, and money, and effort into showcasing books and just reading books - You all are amazing, and so appreciated. You can't even know how much.

So here's to all you guys! :D Thank you.


Unknown said...

Here, here!

Keep Writing!

Melissa said...

I love reading. I love reading books by great authors. It breaks my heart when I read about books, music etc. being bootlegged.

I don't get why people would load books on the internet for thousands of people either. I'm on the opposite end. I'll talk a book up, tell people how great it is and either buy them their own copy. (because they can't have mine!) Or send them to the bookstore.

I already have 3 of my friends waiting on The Darkest Edge of Dawn to be release:)

Tyhitia Green said...

Great post, Kelly. I hope that people realize how awful e-pirating is. :-/

Anonymous said...

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