Monday, June 07, 2010

Crazy weekend

We had a huge storm here on Friday. Or maybe it was Thurs. Can't remember. (I know, that's pretty sad), but anyway, it killed my router. I spent two days trying to reset and make work (b/c I didn't want to buy another until I was sure it was actually toast). Finally, realized it was and bought another on Sunday. Same storm also blew shingles and shutters off my shed out back. Not sure if it was lightning or the wind, but I can tell you whatever it was was fierce.

And took the cutest picture of Yeager, (my Dane) this morning. He has fallen in love with my son's Winnie the Pooh couch.


E.J. Stevens said...

Awwww! Yeager is adorable!

Hope he wasn't too frightened by the stormy weather. We had thunderstorms as well as tornado warnings here the past few days and my corgi hid in her crate every time there was thunder. :(

Thanks for sharing the cute pic!
From the Shadows

Brenda Hyde said...

I heard about all the storms on the news! Oddly, we didn't get anything too bad but lost our power twice in one week for a few hours. Once of course when I was trying to meet a deadline. Of course. Yeager is awesome. I can tell he doesn't realize how big he is. LOL

K. said...

Thanks E.J.! Yeager isn't too bad about storms, but he did stick close to me throughout. Corgi's are so cute! My friend had two of them and they went everywhere with her.

Moonsanity - glad you guys didn't see storms. What a crazy week. And, yes! My dog has no idea how big he is! He tries to fit in the tiniest places, LOL.

Melissa said...

I was thinking,"We didn't have any storms Friday." Then I remembered, I wasn't in NC this week. I was in Va. on vacation. Weather was great. It was hot, but great. Yesterday, I was trimming the bushes when I cut through the cord and short blew out my weedeater. I had just brought it:(

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love it! Someone with a dog bigger than mine! I have a 110 lbs doberman (no, he's not fat, just BIG). I used to have a pit bull who was about 60 lbs who LOVED to try to sit in the cat's kitty cup. Looks like you have the same type of dog. ;)

jlynch said...

Really love Yeager's pose!

At one time, my little Lhasa Apso (only 17 pounds but very spunky) would bark and bark at the ceiling where he thought the storm was hiding but now he is too old and deaf to even hear thunder unless it is right on top of us. Ironic, isn't it, that I would miss the barking when before I was always telling him to be quiet?

K. said...

Okay, Melissa, that is bizarre because I was also trimming hedges in the front of my house on the same day. Didn't cut the cord, though. ;-)

Yep, Melissa, I do have a similar dog -- still wondering when he'll realize he can't sit on people and fit in the tiny space between my bed and bedside table. :) He tries every damn night...

jlynch, thanks! He loves to cross his legs like that, lol. And, yeah, ironic. Funny how that happens. Things that bugs us when they're around, we miss later on... *sigh* I know that feeling. :)