Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It's up

The Darkest Edge of Dawn's cover is finally up on Amazon. Looks good. Looks very, very good. :D (Although, there is an editorial review for another book where mine should be. But this should be taken care of shortly. Weird.) But anyway, yay! It's a thrill to see it up there. Can't wait for the blurb to go up as well.

And, totally unrelated, last night I dropped my old cell phone into the tub while giving boy child a bubble bath. It was not working this morning so I got a new phone. A Droid! It's very cool, and very intimidating. Though, I feel certain I shall be able to master this phone eventually. This is the first phone I've had with the ability to receive email.

So, off to play with ma Droid. ;-)


Unknown said...

Droid is cool. Don't lose yourself in the smartphone time sink... Hey, now there's an SF plot waiting for a pen (and yes, I do usually write with an actual pen).

Happy the pre-pre-release is going well.

K. said...

Yeah. Total time sink. Good thing, though, I'm not really a phone person. Begs the question why I chose this phone, LOL.

Unknown said...

Umm... because it's neat.