Monday, June 21, 2010

Like perched on a cloud

I have been shopping. Finally bought new living room furniture from Haverty's. A gorgeous leather couch and *drumroll* . . . a new recliner. Also known as Kelly's Office. Old chair is gone. New one is here, and it is Mighty Fine. I feel like Jean Luc Picard in this chair and want to say "Engage" every time I sit down and open my laptop.

Feast yours eyes on my new writing chair. Sorry about the blinding supernova coming in from the window:


Sonja Foust said...

I totally need one of those. I've been looking for something like that for my office for ages. :) Someday!

Congrats on your new chair-- hope it makes you want to put your butt in the chair even MORE!

K. said...

Thanks, Sonja! I *really* hope this chair is magic and makes me more productive. Ha! ;-)

Melissa said...

ummm...just looking at that chair makes me want to...go night, night. Hope it works as your writing chair. Looks mighty comfty though:)

Jackie said...

Very nice Kelly, chair may not be "magic" but you will sure enjoy sitting in the cushiony softness!!!

Love new furniture, it always makes a home feel new too!!

jackie b central texas

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Comfy chairs! I think this looks much more comfy than what the captain had. Enjoy!

K. said...

Almost fell asleep in it last night. It lays back so far and makes a very comfy bed! Maybe not so good for writing, LOL.

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