Thursday, July 08, 2010

Long time, no see

Yeah. That's me. :-) Been away from the blog for a bit. Life is crazy.

I want to say that I've been busy writing, accomplishing my goal of ten pages a day, so that I can get this manuscript done in time to start my second contracted YA, but that would be a big, ole lie.

Here's the thing, getting published means you not only have to squeeze writing into your week, but you also must play the role of secretary, promotion/marketing person, personal assistant, editor (for your copy edits and galleys), etc...

I spend so much time fielding emails, calls, creating ads and banners, keeping an online presence, sending out mailings, ordering promo items, arranging travel, completing interviews, writing guest posts... Writing is only one part of the equation, and lately -- with a new book releasing in 54 days and a conference coming up -- it has, unfortunately, played a small part.

The last part of my week and this week has been taken up by cover conferencing and finalizing a bunch of promotion efforts for Darkest Edge of Dawn. I could sit here and tell you that finding a balance is key, but here's the thing: You can plan some stuff -- like you know your deadlines, you know when interviews and posts are due. You have some idea when edits are coming, but there are a lot of other things you just can't balance in -- cover issues, promotion issues, requests for a quick excerpt to go into the back of your latest release... Whatever it may be, you just can't plan for these things, and these thing throw off the timing of the things you have planned for.

But, it's okay. Sometimes I do get stressed out. Especially when I'm behind on my page count, sit down in the morning, and think I have X amount of hours of blissful writing time to make up the lost pages. And then life intrudes or business stuff takes precedence, and I get even farther behind. And since I'm now writing two series at the same time, all this is doubled. It makes for a sometimes crazy life. Yet I would NOT give it up for the world -- you'd have to rest this life out of my cold, dead fingers if it came to that. I love what I do, I love writing and I love chatting with my readers and those in the biz, and I even love the business side of things. Just have to roll with the punches sometimes, yanno? And drink a lot of coffee.

Now, let's see if I can make up a few pages... ;-)

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Mardel said...

Life has a way of messing up the best schedules. At least you're doing something you do love. Imagine if you were trying to get things done at a job you really didn't like, and things were popping up all over - The only thing that keeps me sane at my job when everything seems to have to be done right away, is that I'm having fun working with children. Even so....

It's good to see that you're enjoying your writing job. It is like a job, also, isn't it? A good one, as in satisfying. I'm glad to hear your next book is coming out soon also - under two months ! I'm looking forward to buying it and reading it.