Friday, August 27, 2010

Random stuff

So, in 4 days I'll officially be a multi-published author. Hee. There was a moment last week when I received a final copy of DEOD, and an ARC of my new young adult title, and I had a copy of BPOD on the table. There they were, three of my books. All together. I stacked them. I unstacked them. Lined them up. Spread them out. My hub was sitting across from me, and I kept saying, "Look. Look at them. Can you believe this? I wrote them. These are real books. Look at them. See how pretty."

The utterances of a teary-eyed crazy woman. :-)

A stressed-out woman . As there's much on my plate right now, both in work and in life. I finally crashed. Went to bed at 7:30 PM last night and didn't wake up until 7 this morning. Might need to do this again tonight... though Kid #1 has soccer practice tonight and we usually do pizza and a movie on Friday nights. Hmm. We'll see.

Oh, and Kid has scored in each of her two games so far. SWEET! Two for two baby!

And I made my first Spotlight appearance at RT Book Reviews Magazine. Which is just really neat because I got to talk about Charlie and Hank, and hopefully introduce them to some new readers!

And Dragon Con is approaching. And once again, I cannot go. Who is going? I want pictures!


Pamk said...

shoot you sure you can't sneak away for a day. I'd love to meet you.

Emily said...

Woo hoo!! Congratulations! Books are pretty but I bet your books are even prettier all lined up in a row ;)

I got my copy of Darkest Edge (thank you! thank you!) and plan on starting it soon! I heard there's a whole lot of Hank going on and I can't wait ;)

Melissa said...

I have to work the weekend. (12 hour shifts)But, I am OFF on Aug. 31st. Guess what I'll be doing on that day! Yep, buying your book at the local book store.

P.S. Probally buy 2 books. One for me and one for BFF.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Woo! Congraties to you and your kidlet! Both of you keep scoring! :)

Mardel said...

Wonderful for you both - soccer and your book (the second!).

Getting The Darkest Edge as soon as I can!

Vickie said...

Congrats to DD! And YAY on the nice book lineup...

Brenda Hyde said...

Now THAT is cool! "stacked them. I unstacked them. Lined them up..." BAHAHAHAHA I can just picture you doing this:)

jlynch said...

You just revel in your accomplishments. You deserve to thoroughly enjoy the moment!

K. said...

Thank you guys so much! :-) It was a memorable moment, for sure.

And, on the soccer front. It's now 3 for 3!! Yep. Kid scored in her third game on Sat. Wee! I might have to go be the proud momma on FB and tell everyone... ;-)

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