Saturday, August 07, 2010

RWA Highlights, Part Two

Thought you guys might want to see the necklaces that were made for each author to wear at the Pocket dinner (see previous post). Wearing your cover like this is a great way to see who writes what or put a face to the cover. Beneath the necklace is Meg Cabot's new YA, INSATIABLE. And next to that is the Pocket After Dark mouse pad that all the authors got at dinner. Pocket announced the launch of their new interactive site for readers and authors at the conference, and it's really, really cool. You can even earn points for your participation, which go toward the purchase of books. There's a message board, editor's blog, all kinds of neat stuff...

Okay, so where were we? Friday, right:

Friday morning I meet my friend, Jax Cassidy, for breakfast. It was so great to see her and catch up! I caught the last fifteen or so minutes of the Pocket Spotlight, then it was off to the luncheon where I sat with my friend Cynthia Cooke who lives in my town and writes for Nocturne. I also got to meet a good friend of hers, Nina Bruhns. I only stayed to eat my salad, because I wanted to get back to my room, and chill out a bit before getting ready for the Pocket signing.

There was time for me to check out a panel or two, but, I wanted some quiet time before the signing. The conference is crazy and you're always "on", so for an introvert like myself, it can be draining after a while. (It's a weird dynamic because I love conference. I love talking to people, reconnecting with friends, but I'm always exhausted by the end of the week.) Anyway, hub and daughter were at Disney so I had the room all to myself. Took a nap, checked email, and wrote a guest post that was coming due, and worked on some promo things.

Then, it was off to the Pocket Signing, my first one! Each publisher hosts their own signing during conference (for attendees only) and all the books are FREE. It's awesome. People line up an hour in advance, and flood into the room. I had 48 books and they were gone in about 3o minutes. Such a fun experience! And since my books were gone, I was able to make the last hour of the the RITA/Golden Heart Reception where I saw my chapter mate, friend, and fellow RITA finalist, Deb Marlowe. Oh, and I got to finally chat with Courtney Milan, who was also up for A RITA.

This was a great day. I was always one of those waiting in the line to see my favorite authors, and now I was the one sitting in the chair behind a stack of books. And it was my birthday. I couldn't imagine a better way to spend it. And since my agency party and publisher dinner was on Thursday, I had Friday night free and went out to dinner with my hub and daughter in Disney Downtown to celebrate.


Ordered room service for breakfast. Can you believe one piece of toast was $4?

Pretty easy morning. Sat in on a few panels, then went to the RITA rehearsal, ate lunch, wrote my acceptance speeches - finally --and met up with the family in our room to start getting ready for the Awards Dinner and Ceremony. (Again, pics are on my Facebook Page for those who want to see the Fabulous Duds.)

*Okay, so I just sat here for two minutes trying to put into the words the next few hours.*

It's a blur. I could hardly eat dinner, was so nervous that when the awards portion began, I prayed my name wouldn't be called. And by the time we got to my second category, I was praying they would. I wanted to get up there and thank everyone who had helped me along the way. There are so many people, completely instrumental, in this book making it to the shelves. Without them it never would've happened. I *so* wanted the chance to get up there and shout their names to the world. But, alas, my name wasn't called. And I folded up my speech and decided right then and there to save it. I'm reading that damn thing, from the stage, one day. :D

So those are the highlights. My editor was great and sent me a few hysterical texts that night, and a few that made me tear up. And then I accidentally ass-dialed his home number. Twice. On a Saturday night. At midnight. Sooo embarrassed. But who knew you could ass dial on a touch screen? I mean, really.... ;-)


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOL! Love the last part.

Ah thanks for sharing your experience. Great reading what goes on.

Mardel said...

Were those neckalaces as big as they looked? Hope they were comfortable to wear, LOL. It does seem like a very good way to place a face with the written book.

Ass dialing - I don't put my phone in my back pocket I'm afraid that I might just break it, let alone ass dial. :)

K. said...

LOL, I know, Melissa. Man, was I embarassed! I have a very cool editor. ;-)

They weren't too big, Mardel. About 2 1/2 X 4 inches, maybe... and very light.