Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm here...

Just been swamped with work and life. I spent all day Friday in the emergency room with my 2 yr old (who ran face first into the corner of a table at daycare and sliced his lip and part of his chin/cheek area clean open). And, since he's 2 there was no way he was going to be still for numbing and then stitches, so they had to put him into conscious sedation.

So our weekend, needless to say, was a bit insane with dealing with my Wounded One. And then the following morning, my daughter's soccer team played the top team in her league and won. And she scored both goals! I'm so proud of her. She has scored a goal in every single game so far and two in this last one (it's all a team effort, and a lot of them would not have ben possible without great passes from her team). They are now the number one team!! This is her sixth year playing the sport. Cannot believe how fast time passes!

This week has been me playing a lot of catching up. I have to work all day every day in order to make my deadline -- even nights and weekends. And I missed several of those this past week and weekend. Actually, I have to make TWO deadlines within a month of each other, so I may be scarce in October!

Oh, and I got my final copies of THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN and have mailed out the remaining books. So anyone still waiting, yours should be there any day now. If you don't get it by next week, though, send me an email...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mailings of DEOD

So just a quickie. If you've won a book from me or elsewhere online, most have been mailed out. Thanks to my publicist who sent me some extra copies! There are a few in the que, however that haven't been sent because there's been a delay with my author copies. I apologize. But, I promise, as soon as they get here, I'll be mailing out the rest of the books!

There are a few people who I promised books to as well and promised an early arrival to. I expected to get my copies before the pub date rather than after it, so to those folks, I'm sorry as well. :( Sometimes, these things happen and it's out of my range of control. But, again, as soon as they get here, I'll be sending them out!

Off to write and then have lunch with my good friend and author, Cynthia Cooke. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rough draft: check

Been a bit quiet here, I know. Sorry 'bout that. Good news is I finished the rough draft of Charlie #3. Finished for me means everything but the last two chapters. I never write them until I'm in the revision/polish stage. A couple reasons for that:

My rough drafts are like long, messy outlines. Complete chapters, chapters with a couple sentences, notes to write this scene or that scene. I skip a lot of description and research stuff as well. Word count for this rough draft is 50,000 words. I'm right on target. :-)

As I begin to go through, flesh out, write those scenes I skipped over, etc... it'll grow into what it should. No worries there. I like writing this way. It allows me to see things from a 'skeletal' perspective. And then I have all my other things like character growths/relationships/sub plots that I begin to weave through the bones.

Those final chapters get written when I have all my arcs figured out and I know where everything and everyone is going. But, I like leaving them open/undone while I work, that way my brain isn't stuck on any certain ending... Everything can come together naturally without being forced into some preconceived notion that I can't let go of. (That being said, I do sometimes have an idea for a cool ending. If I do, I just let it simmer and see if the rest of the book will mesh with what I have in mind or not. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.)

I have a *lot* of work to do now (way more than what it took to write the rough draft). But this is my favorite part -- the crafting, molding, shaping... Love it! This is when I really feel like a creator. The rough draft part is more like regurgitating a big blob of clay that has very little shape or interest.

Totally glad I'm done that part!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

In hell right now

Hell as in Charbydon, LOL. Been in deep writing mode the past few days and spending some time in Carreg's homeland. Fun. Not sure if it'll stay in the final draft, but I must get this book done ASAP!!

Until then, the fabulous Kaylana Price (author of ONCE BITTEN and TWICE DEAD) interviewed me on her blog to celebrate the upcoming release of her new urban fantasy, GRAVE WITCH. Come say hi!

And as soon as I get through the next few scenes, I'm going to posts some bookish stats... Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Busy little bee

First, BIG thanks to everyone for the Release Day congrats and good wishes. It was an exciting day, and a nerve-wracking one as well -- nerve-wracking in the way that I want this book to do well. Because I love it. The characters are real to me. I care about them. I root for them and cry with them, and I want to share their story...

Well, anyway, before I get all sappy about that, I want to say thanks to everyone who is participating in the blog tour today for THE DARKEST EDGE OF DAWN!!. And I want to tell you of two great places I'm appearing today.

1) A giveaway, a review of DEOD and an interview with The Wayfaring Writer. My first book was the first book Brenda ever reviewed on her blog. She's a sweetheart, and it's been so cool to get to know her as we both move forward in the writing world. :D

2) An interview with author E.J. Stevens on her fabulous blog: From the Shadows. She and Brenda both asked me some fun, and unusual questions, so these were fun interviews to do!

Back to the writing. I put this on twitter earlier, because it cracked me up (and still does), but one of the revision oops I found earlier was a line that read: "Put down the porker." It was supposed to be "poker", but, OMG. I think I might have to leave it. Haha!