Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mailings of DEOD

So just a quickie. If you've won a book from me or elsewhere online, most have been mailed out. Thanks to my publicist who sent me some extra copies! There are a few in the que, however that haven't been sent because there's been a delay with my author copies. I apologize. But, I promise, as soon as they get here, I'll be mailing out the rest of the books!

There are a few people who I promised books to as well and promised an early arrival to. I expected to get my copies before the pub date rather than after it, so to those folks, I'm sorry as well. :( Sometimes, these things happen and it's out of my range of control. But, again, as soon as they get here, I'll be sending them out!

Off to write and then have lunch with my good friend and author, Cynthia Cooke. Hope everyone has a great day!

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