Saturday, December 11, 2010

Darkest Edge is up for a Goodreads Choice Award!

I'm so tickled about this, I can't even say. I'm in such amazing company (paranormal fantasy); I have to pinch myself. :D According to Goodreads they nominated books "by analyzing statistics about books read by our members from the 47 million books added, rated, and reviewed on the site in 2010. Official nominees were selected based on a book's popularity and average rating among Goodreads members, so a nomination is truly an honor because it comes from your readers!"

And they provided this nifty (and very convenient) voting widget! I don't have a chance in hell, LOL, but this is amazing, so big, big thanks to everyone at Goodreads for posting, rating, and reviewing the book to begin with!

2010 Goodreads Choice Awards Official Nominee: Best Paranormal Fantasy
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Blodeuedd said...

Congrats :)
I finally read book 1 and loved it, totally loved it. And so glad I had book 2 sitting here next to me. best Uf book read so far this year :)

K. said...

*muah* Thanks so much, Blodeuedd!!!! :D You just put a big ole smile on this author's face.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...


I did see this! Congrats!

Oh, and you have a very good chance! I know I loved it!

Kylie Griffin said...

Kelly, I saw this and have been there to vote! Good luck. Almost as exciting as a RITA nominations, eh?

Jackie said...

I voted for "DEOD" and you have a great chance Kelly, both books so far have been wonderful reads and I am not the only one who thinks so!


K. said...

Oh, Melissa, Kylie, and Jackie -- big hugs and thanks!! :D

Unknown said...

What do you mean, don't have a chance in hell... you CREATED hell (well, at least Charbydon)!

I've read most of the books in your category and still somehow managed to vote for yours :)

Back to the research now... happy Christmas to you!

CHRISTIE said...

Congratulations, Kelly! I noticed you were in the running last time I was on Goodreads. You got my vote :)

K. said...

LOLOLOL Corrie! I did create hell, didn't I? The Kelly version. Ha! Thanks for voting!

Thanks so much Christie! :D