Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Hour of Dust & Ashes is out!

I went into my local B&N yesterday and signed stock. Charlie #3 looked so pretty on the shelf, nestled right next to the re-release of Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS. Osmosis, people. Osmosis. :D

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and for supporting the series! I thank you. Charlie thanks you. Brim slobbers affectionately on you. And Rex says he knew all along you'd love the books. (Speaking of Rex, check out his interpretation of The Three Little Pigs over at Dark Faerie Tales.)

And also check out my interview, which should be up sometime today, at the fabulous Amberkatze's Book Blog.

There are a TON of great books out this week. Deadline Dames has a list of Tuesday's releases from Literary Escapism (which is mind blowing in its content) and some wonderful info on author, Rob Thurman's recovery (buy her books - they are awesome!).

And if you wanted one of the signed copies from B&N, just give them a call and they'll take your info over the phone and mail you the book. (Cary Commons, 760 SE Maynard, Cary, NC 27511 * 919-467-3866)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One week out!

Seven more days until the release of THE HOUR OF DUST & ASHES! Starting to get that now familiar excitement and dread.

Anyway, wanted to share a few things...

On August 29th, I'll be guest posting at Dark Faerie Tales for the Fantastic Fables event wherein authors chose a character from their books and rewrite a fairytale from the character's perspective. I'm about done polishing up the post, and I really love it! If anyone likes Rex, I think you'll enjoy it.

And on August 31st Amberkatze's Book Blog will have an interview with moi about books, writing, life... All good stuff.

And also check out Dark Faerie Tales Urban Fantasy Prize Pack Giveaway, which includes THE HOUR OF DUST & ASHES and Maria Lima's BLOOD SACRIFICE. This giveaway ends Sept 1st.

I think that's it for now. More to come, I'm sure. I'm hard at work on Charlie #4, which is due in two months, and then that's it. No more contracts. I'm hoping to write more YAs and continue with Charlie or at least characters in her world. And there is a super secret project in the works that I hope *fingerscrossed* I can share details and good news about very soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hour of Dust & Ashes excerpt

Finally. Chapter One is posted on my website. It's a little different than how I started the other two Charlie Madigan novels (both were action/invesitgative oriented), so I'm a little nervous about that and hope you like the interaction. This first chapter takes us to see Alessandra, the oracle mentioned in the very first page of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS... I think my favorite bit of dialogue in this scene is at the very end. ;-)

Monday, August 08, 2011

Thoughts on reviews and first one for 'Ashes' is in...

Since my first book came out in 2009, I've learned a lot about how to deal with reviews and reactions, and to take them as they come. I've been so lucky to have a wonderful group of readers and fans who have encouraged me and given me the inspiration to keep writing even when I felt like the well was all dried up. Knowing there are people out there who are entertained by the stories I tell is one of the coolest things on earth, and it's one of things that remind me to write from my heart and believe in my storytelling.

But, even with the good, I felt a strong tendency in the beginning to focus more on the negative than the postive. I could read ten great reviews and one meh one, and be so affected by the meh one, despite the others. Then, I found myself taking everything to heart (even though I knew better). I learned pretty quickly when I sat in front of a blank monitor with Charlie #2 and felt paralyzed, that I had to stop letting every outside influence and comment affect what I wrote and how I tell my stories. Granted, there have been wonderfully written criticisms that I have indeed learned from and been grateful for, but for the most part, I find that what one reader hates, another one loves. And I'm not going to mess with the love. ;-) So I make sure my energy is better spent writing what makes me want to sit down and write everyday. I must stay true to my creative vision or else all the fun and joy of writing goes right out the window. And, trust me, you guys would be able to tell the difference!

Anyway, first reviews . . . those are the ones that give me the most anxiety and hope. Seeing that first one pop up in my inbox always leaves me feeling hesitant to open. I want the first one to be good, you know? At least then, no matter what follows, I can tell myself that at least one person liked it. So, on that long-winded note, the first one for THE HOUR OF DUST & ASHES is in and YES! Happy and relieved and just . . . yay! And relieved. So relieved...

“…it seems to be the indomitable Charlie Madigan’s fate to prevent one disaster only to have a new one crop up in its place. For her third outing, Gay forces Charlie to make difficult choices that will have major ramifications personally and professionally. By continuing to define her world and add layers to her core group of characters, Gay ensures readers are in for one heart-pounding adventure!” 4 Stars ~ Romantic Times Magazine, Jill M. Smith