Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Hour of Dust & Ashes excerpt

Finally. Chapter One is posted on my website. It's a little different than how I started the other two Charlie Madigan novels (both were action/invesitgative oriented), so I'm a little nervous about that and hope you like the interaction. This first chapter takes us to see Alessandra, the oracle mentioned in the very first page of THE BETTER PART OF DARKNESS... I think my favorite bit of dialogue in this scene is at the very end. ;-)


Brenda Hyde said...

BAHAHAHAHA That was a great line at the end:) I loved the first chapter, and the first line is PERFECT. It has everything a first line should have to drag the reader in so they can find out what's going on. Can't wait to read the entire book!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh I can't wait for this one to be out!!! Can't wait! I still want a hellhound. ;)

K. said...

Thanks, Brenda! I love starting first lines with dialogue -- always a way to make it interesting. :D Glad you liked.

LOL, Melissa. Wait til you see Brimstone in this book -- he's so awesome. ;-)

Melissa said...

Thank your publisher for allowing us readers a sneak peek! I've been saving reading your excerpt until the end of my work week. Which is today! Bye. Got to go read now.

KLGIRL said...

Oh, Kelly - I've been wanting to tell you that you really threw me for a loop with your second book and the out of left field romance between Hank and Charlie. I never saw it coming but oh how delicious a twist it was!

I am so looking forward to your third book and have already pre-ordered it. I know I'm going to love your book from the first chapter excerpt - what a lot of hints were dropped!

Btw, was I simply having a duh moment or were there hints of Hank and Charlie's romance in the first book?

K. said...

Hey Taxas Darling. Thanks so much for the nice words. So happy to hear you're looking forward to the 3rd book!

To answer your Q: Not really hints in the first book -- there were a few moments where the thought of attraction was there, but nothing serious or that would make her cross the line at that point and time.

The second book is really where Charlie starts to notice Hank more and there are scenes & internal thoughts leading up to that moment in his apartment that lay the foundation of the attraction between them (like the bath house scene where she doesn't shield her thoughts from him, for instance). So most of the groundwork for that 'twist' was laid out in the 2nd book and worked its way up to that moment. Hope that makes sense.

K. said...

Ugh, and I can't spell Texas apparently. :D

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