Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Release!

CARNIEPUNK is out today, folks. Excited about this book as it features some ah-mazing authors
telling some very cool stories.

I'm also pretty proud too. This is my first anthology. My first short story. I had a little bit of reservations going into it. Could I write something so short? Could I create a beginning, middle, end, engage the reader, and introduce the world of Charlie Madigan in under 10,000 words? It took some trial and error, for sure, but I'm happy with the outcome.

My story in CARNIEPUNK is Hell's Menagerie. And it follows the trouble Emma, Rex, and Brim find as they traverse hell, tracking down a macabre carnival where beasts and being are put to the ultimate test in matches to the death.

And if all that's not reason enough to go henceforth and buy this cool ass book, here's another: Because I'm an animal lover (hellhounds included!), and because my story highlights some of the sad things animals go through in the name of sport/entertainment, I'm donating part of my proceeds of CARNIEPUNK to the SPCA.

So go now. Check it out. Read some new or favorite authors.

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