Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Great Migration

For those of you arriving here via In an effort to make things more efficient, my website is currently undergoing a revamp/merge with my YA author persona, Kelly Keaton. I'm also merging (as time allows) my two Facebook Fan Pages and eventually my twitter accounts. If you're looking to connect with me, please join me on Facebook & Twitter. (They're both Kelly Keaton sites, but I'm merging Kelly Gay into them, and this will be reflected in the revamping and renaming of those sites as well. In the end, all will be well and the two Kelly's will be as one. ;-)  Thanks!


ME! said...

Hi Kelly - will the 5th book in the Charlie Madigan series be released? I've been really enjoying them and am currently reading the fourth book.

Kerry Schultz said...

Well!I am a big fan of you.I hope your Books would now be more exciting,As you're merging with another Author.Really love this Blog,Keep it up,Good Luck.

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